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What Is It?

IceBrowser is an all-in-one browsing experience based on the renowned Cocoon platform.

Browse the web using our simple browser add-on and enjoy an unprecedented new level of Internet privacy and data security by storing your data only in countries with the strictest privacy regulations. Data relocation ensures corporations and intrusive governments cannot access your information.

Plug in now and go private!


How It Works

IceBrowser protects your browsing by creating a secure connection to IceBrowser servers in safe countries like Iceland.

  • We observe DO NOT TRACK
  • Your browsing history, cookies, and metadata are stored safely abroad, not on your computer
  • Your connection is secured end to end, whether you're on public WiFi or at home
  • Virus and malware protection through the cloud.
  • Only you have the keys to your encrypted data

Supported Versions

IceBrowser + Firefox
OSX: Firefox versions 4-33
Windows: Firefox versions 4-33